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About The Resort

Rest in the Arms of the Most Beautiful and Deluxe Swiss Tent Lakeside Resort

Whether you are planning a family trip or a petite one with your loved ones, Padmavati Lake Resort is sure to entice you in every way possible. Just relax and watch the world go by in the spacious Swiss style tents overlooking a beautiful lake. Padmavati Lake Resort is your place to explore new limits, have quality family time, and relax as you enjoy the surroundings and go aboard on new adventures.

Redefine Luxury at Padmavati Lake Resort. With our lush environs and lake facing accommodation, enjoy every minute. An idyllic haven for couples and families, Padmavati Lake Resort is a world of pleasures and adventures.

Savor the nature and wildlife of Chittorgarh only at Padmavati Lake Resort. Make your days memorable by enjoying fun-packed activities like wildlife safari and trekking.

Our Resort Values

Padmavati Lake Resortís philosophy of bare grace and classiness brings luxury back to its quintessence. Every tent is designed so guests experience utmost comfort and the exquisiteness while they are on our premises.

Our ultra-exclusive resort assures to impart an unforgettable ambiance and aura to match your preferences to guests seeking a peaceful retreat in comfort and style. The Padmavati Lake Resort tell apart itself from other luxury resorts by offering unimpeachable attention to detail, an unequaled level of service with a stout commitment to creating a unique holiday spot with your family and loved ones.


Events and Celebrations

We at Padmavati Lake Resort would love to hold and celebrate your personal events or business events like a part of your extended family. Our lake view resort is quite apt for holding a variety of events from birthdays to business holidays.


Forest Camping

Padmavati campsite is a rich merger of the forest camping experience alongside traditional Rajasthani culture. It is a strikingly natural campsite and the beauty of the campsite is that it pays emphasis on nothing but nature. Rejuvenate yourself with nature at its best, in a secluded campsite. Cozy nooks and hidden pathways make up this site all the more interesting and it intertwines seamlessly with the forest. Whether youíre an expert or a novice camper, you shall enjoy the forest camping at Padmavati Lake Resort.

Yoga and Meditation

Beautiful landscape showcasing ultimate sunsets and sunrises that can be cheThe body needs natural relaxation through deep breathing, meditation, and yoga. The spa is also one such practice done to reduce your stress levels and a boost feelings of joy and serenity. Ayurvedic Massage is also an excellent treatment good for the maintenance of health and fitness.