Padmavati campsite is a rich merger of the forest camping experience alongside traditional Rajasthani culture. It is a strikingly natural campsite and the beauty of the campsite is that it pays emphasis on nothing but nature. Rejuvenate yourself with nature at its best, in a secluded campsite. Cozy nooks and hidden pathways make up this site all the more interesting and it intertwines seamlessly with the forest. Whether you’re an expert or a novice camper, you shall enjoy the forest camping at Padmavati Lake Resort.



Beautiful landscape showcasing ultimate sunsets and sunrises that can be cherished by you only at Padmavati Lake Resort, giving you the rejuvenation and freshness you need to run the day. Eco-tourism parks have been developed in order to make you feel the beauty of Mother Nature. Cycling and horse hailing are a great medium to get a refreshing attitude towards life. Padmavati Lake Resort, away from the hustle-bustle of the city offers you the best experience in the form of cycling and horse hailing.



A retreat for the bird lovers, Padmavati offers a great variety of migratory birds a sitting amidst the wilderness in their natural habitat. Dawn and dusk bird watching treks are available for the enthusiasts. The adventure and enthusiasm of a wildlife Safari in the Forests of Rajasthan are simply matchless. Bird watching At Padmavati Lake Resort has satiated the desires of numerous avid bird watchers from all over the world.


Unpolluted by the city lights and amidst the natural aura and aroma of the Padmavati Lake Resort, the traditional Indian music and dancing show is a fulfilling display. Rajasthan has a rich culture and with it comes great music and dance taste from the people. The Traditional music show is of great enticement for the people coming to the lake resort.



Take a break for a few days from the stressful life of the city and have a revitalizing experience in the rural villages of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The fascinating villages in and around Chittorgarh will offer many lifetime memories that you would love snapping in your camera and cherish for a lifetime. Padmavati Lake Resort aims at glorifying your stay and offers you a feel of the rustic Rajasthan.


The trek starts from the Resort premises and goes downhill through the village. There is a jungle path going along the sides of the hill leading to the Dam. The whole trek is done walking or on horses. The horse riding experience is one of a kind at Padmavati Lake Resort. Our staff comes handy to you, whenever you require. This is one of the most beautiful and very popular treks near Chittorgarh and if you have the passion for nature and wildlife this trek and walk will suffice for your thirst.



We at Padmavati Lake Resort offer you Jeep Safari facility. As you ride through the forest that surrounds hills, valleys, a beautiful canopy of trees. Our Jeep Safari gives you a chance to discover a unique variety of flora and fauna in the arms of the forest. You can see a lot of animals and experience wildlife at its best. The winter months are wonderful for birding; birds of a variety of colors and calls take to the jungle canopy.



What can be better than having a lunch date with your loved one amidst the forest? The beauty, the natural fragrance, the chirruping birds and the lush greenery make it worthwhile for you and your loved ones. Having a picturesque backdrop of hills and lake, the Padmavati Lake Resort caters to the most beautiful lunch and dining



Get the taste of the authentic Rajasthani cuisines, here at the Padmavati Lake Resort. From vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian lip-smacking dishes we cater to the most luscious food in the whole of Chittorgarh. The mouth-watering dishes of Rajasthan presented before you in the most eye-pleasing manner. Taste the goodness of the land of sand and sand dunes only at Padmavati Lake Resort.